22-year-old Shane Dickens of Crowley faces a slew of charges for allegedly abusing his stepchild.

According to a press release from the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, Dickens has been arrested on multiple domestic violence and cruelty to a child charges and is currently in the Acadia Parish Jail with a $150,000.00 bond, as well as being held without bond on the domestic abuse charges pending a Gwen's Law hearing.

The stepchild who Dickens allegedly abused was living in the same home as him.

Photo by Spencer Weiner-Pool/Getty Images
Photo by Spencer Weiner-Pool/Getty Images

What is Gwen's Law?

According to attorneycarl.com, Gwen's Law was named after Gwen Salley who filed for a protection order against her husband while also filing for divorce in 2014.

Gwen's Law can be defined as:

With Gwen’s Law, if you get arrested for violation of a protective order, domestic abuse, battery, stalking, or another felony offense involving the use of a deadly weapon or force, you have to go before a judge for a hearing in order to have your bail set.


This law is designed to make it harder for domestic abuse suspects to get out on bail immediately. The law took effect in 2017 in Louisiana.

What Charges Does Shane Dickens Face?


  • 6 counts of Domestic Abuse Battery with Child Endangerment
  • 1 count of Domestic Abuse Battery with Strangulation
  • 6 counts of Cruelty of a Juvenile


The investigation continues.

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