Recently, I was just outside of New Orleans to get some much needed rest.  Hold up in a hotel room alone, by my own design.  After a text conversation with my daughter Brittni, she convinced me to jump in the car and drive into New Orleans to walk around the French Quarter.  She thought it would be good for me to get out.  After going back and forth in my head about it, I decided I would go into the Quarter to walk around and take in the sites.  What happened to me that day, will forever change me.

I drove into the city, parked the car, walked about a block when the most intense, violent thunderstorm exploded over the French Quarter in a matter of seconds.  I quickly took cover under a small awning.  I had an umbrella in the car, just a few hundred feet away but the rain was coming down so hard, I stayed put.

Feeling like I should have never driven into the city, I texted Brittni my thoughts while standing under the small awning as thunder, lightning and rain surrounded me.  I even sent her of video of what I was in the midst of.  The message she sent back to me, has changed me forever.  I think it will you as well.


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