Sunday, Church Point, La. hosted their annual chicken run and Mardi Gras parade.  If you've never witnessed either, next year treat yourself to one of the most amazing traditions in Acadiana.

Horses, chickens, costumes, a parade and a town that more than triples in population one day a year.  I had never been to Church Point's Chicken Run and Mardi Gras parade until this past weekend, but God willing, it won't be my last.

The day started early with the Courir de Mardi Gras, also know as the Chicken Run, with hundreds of townsmen going from house to house chasing chickens followed by a huge parade that goes right through the quaint town.

Church Point Chicken Run House 1

Church Point Chicken Run Headed To House 2

Church Point Chicken Run House 2

Church Point Chicken Run Horses

Church Point Parade Floats 1

Church Point Parade Floats 2

Church Point Parade Floats 3

Church Point Parade Turn It Down For What

Church Point has one of the most unique ways to enjoy Mardi Gras in Louisiana.