We're no strangers to emergency situations here in Louisiana. Anyone who has ever been through a hurricane or a flood knows that we need to be prepared for anything.

Cheapism.com has some essentials to have on hand in case of just about any drastic circumstance. If you don't have these, get them. Remember, we are right in the middle of hurricane season, y'all.

  • Food that can be stored without refrigeration, and eaten without being cooked
  • Cooking Fuel - BBQ pit, or a wood or gas stove will do
  • Drinking Water - a gallon per person per day
  • Ice - As soon as you hear about a storm coming, make as much as possible before you can't
  • Water for uses other than drinking - fill your bathtub up if you can
  • Disposable silverware, dishes and plates - if you have no running water, you won't be able to sanitize and wash these items for use
  • Personal Hygiene Items - baby wipes can be used for a lot of things in a pinch! Get a two week supply of other items you might need, like toilet paper
  • Plastic Shopping Bags - a variety of uses, especially if you have no electricity or trash pickup
  • Clean Clothes - wash as much as possible in advance, because you never know when you'll be able to use your washer and dryer in an emergency
  • First Aid and Medicine - keep a good supply handy, or get a kit together with the basics
  • Battery Operated Fans - the only way you can stay a little cool if the electricity is out
  • Heating elements - tealight candles at the bottom of an empty coffee can might be the only heat you can generate in a disaster
  • Flashlights and Batteries - at least one per person in the household
  • A Battery Powered Weather Radio - or any portable radio that can run on batteries will do
  • Cash - this is critical, because ATM machines and credit card readers won't work if there is no electricity
  • Entertainment - cards, board games, books


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