Charlie Hunnam shocked 'Fifty Shades of Grey' fans when he dropped his Christian Grey role yesterday (Oct. 12), but those close to the actor aren't the least bit surprised. What really happened?

A source told E! News, "This isn't a surprise because what he was taking on with this role was not what Charlie wants in his future career." What exactly was he taking on? A ton of attention he was neither used to nor prepared for.

"The attention and the pressure was intense. More than anything he hates attention and being in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' would force him to do lots of media," the insider explained. "That's really not his thing. Charlie doesn't want to be massively famous. Plus, he hates conforming and being told what to do. This role would force him to have to be something he is not."

The only thing surprising about Hunnam's decision? According the source, the fact that he ever signed on to begin with.

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