Officials with Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta are warning consumers in Louisiana and 28 other states about a drug-resistant strain of salmonella that's been found in those areas of the country. According to the CDC, two people in Louisiana and 90 others in 28 other states have fallen victim to the sometimes fatal disease.

Of the people affected by this particularly drug-resistant strain of the disease 21 have had to be hospitalized. The culprit, in this case, appears to be undercooked or poorly prepared chicken. So far the CDC says no single supply source for the contaminated chicken has been identified.

Of the almost 100 cases reported the only common denominator appears to be chicken. The sick people have reportedly been taken ill after consuming different brands of chicken from different source locations. So the mystery of where the disease originated is still unsolved.  

The CDC is not suggesting you stop eating chicken, they are however encouraging consumers to exercise caution when preparing poultry for meals. They are telling us to tell you to make sure you wash your hands and any surfaces or utensils that contact the raw chicken meat.

In addition to more stringent cleanliness guidelines, the CDC is also recommending that all chicken be cooked thoroughly. They don't advise offering raw chicken as treats for pets since they too can fall victim to salmonella.

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