Why 18 Wheelers Travel Side-By-Side On The Interstate
I have the utmost respect for truck drivers. These men and women deliver most of the things we need to survive, to our local communities. Life would be very different without truck drivers. But their new driving habits are confusing to me.
Find Out Why Negative People Do NOT Want Solutions
Do you know people who are ALWAYS negative? Can't be pleased. Nothing is ever right. This message is for them and in turn will help you to understand why they will continue to ALWAYS have a negative attitude.
CJ's Daily Message: Being Alive Is A Privilege
Being alive is a privilege. And because you're alive, you're a winner. Life is not perfect, full of ups and downs, but beauty as well. You fall, you rise, you make mistakes, you learn. Do you wake up each morning excited about the new day before you? Are you living? If you answered n…

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