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How To Get The First CJ And Emily J T-Shirt FREE
They're heeeeere, the first CJ and Emily J t-shirts! You voted on the 3 different designs from Rytek in St. Martinville and that image has come to life on the inaugural CJ and Emily J in the Morning t-shirt. Now it's time to get YOU one FREE!
Emily J Can't Make Her Confetti Cannon Work
At the end of a very well attended recent remote broadcast at Hit N Run Convenience Store on Congress, to celebrate, Hit N Run representatives Larry and Andrew and Emily J from KTDY set off confetti cannons. Well Larry and Andrew set of their's, Emily J, not really lol.
Get A Free Mardi Gras "Caution Baby Inside" T-Shirt
Emily J's Mardi Gras "Caution Baby Inside" t-shirts have arrived just in time for Fat Tuesday. With child herself, my morning show partner has her very own t-shirts to throw this Tuesday for her very first float ride in a Lafayette Mardi Gras.
CJ Goes BEHIND The Bowling Lanes At Rock N Bowl, How It All Works
Thursday evening was the KTDY/Rock n Bowl Polyester Power Hour Party 2019 presented by Moss Motors at Rock n Bowl de Lafayette downtown. It was an awesome night of great music, good people and of course bowling. While backstage, I made a short video to show you how the bowling pins and balls get b…
CJ Takes Emily J To Candyland Cottage, She Is AMAZED
Candyland Cottage and Ice Cream Shoppe, with locations in Scott and Rayne, is a valued advertiser on the CJ and Emily J Morning Show on 99.9 KTDY. Candyland Cottage specializes in various candies from today and the old days. Another specialty at Candyland Cottage is the World's Largest Gummy …
Emily J Clothes Are Not Fitting Since Her Pregnancy
I think we need a GoFundMe account for Emily J. As many of you know, my sweet, talented co-host in the morning, is about 14 weeks pregnant. The problem is, her clothes are no longer fitting and what she's doing to compensate is, well, nothing.

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