The Cleveland Browns are used to losing, but their recent loss to the Saints was brutal.

I was at the game, and I can vividly recall the pure look of shock and disbelief I saw on the faces of Browns fans as they watched a surefire win sail wide right. After multiple misses before that, I was wondering if the Browns would even let Zane Gonzales get on the bus to go back to Cleveland.

I'm a die-hard Saints fan that will admit that we stole that game from the Browns, but a win is a win, right?

Speaking of wins, the Browns haven't won a game in a VERY long time (just like I told the girl who decided to smack talk to me outside of the dome, their Week 1 "tie" is not a "win") and their fans even resorted to holding tryouts for a new kicker on Bourbon Street.

The Browns did actually find a new kicker within 24 hours, but little did they know the tryouts had already begun late Sunday on Bourbon. These guys were fully equipped with a real football and all, but based on the video, the kick sailed wide left... because the Cleveland Browns. That's why.

At this rate, that Bud Light 'Victory Fridges' will never open.

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