Britney Spears’ legal team reportedly has a person in mind to replace Jamie Spears as Spears' new conservator, but it seems the man being eyed for the job has had his own legal woes to deal with.

According to legal documents obtained by Page SixJason Rubin is the pop star's new legal team's pick for the job of managing her major life decisions related to finances, health and work.

The new conservator would be in charge of her estate, which consists of $2.7 million in liquid assets and $56.3 million in investments and real estate.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Rubin is currently president and co-founder of Certified Strategies, Inc. and has been an accountant since 1993.

Last year, a court denied Rubin's request to become his mother Ida Rubin's guardian. At the time, her trust was in a dispute and his brother, Mark Rubin, and Ida herself objected to his request. Rubin alleged that his mother dealt with declining mental health and paranoid schizophrenia. However, she told the court that she was “competent enough to handle [her] own medical and financial affairs.”

Rubin provided logs from the Las Vegas Police Department, as well as incident reports which allegedly showed that his mother asked officers to perform "nonsensical acts." Almost a year later, a judge denied Rubin's petition as the doctor did not evaluate Ida herself, only her records.

“In fact, the police call logs state that Ida is ‘ok but delusional’ and that she is ‘able to care for [her] self and [that her] house was clean,'” the judge said at the time.

Rubin reportedly filed an appeal but the ruling was upheld. The judge agreed to let Rubin refile the petition if Ida herself was evaluated and if they obtained a physician's certificate. He reportedly never re-filed.

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