Reports are saying that a woman was uninvited from being a part of her good friend's wedding all because of the way she looked in the bridesmaid's dress. The 21-year-old German model shared her story on TikTok and has since gone viral.


According to one report, Alena Yildiz is from Heidelberg, Germany and her recent viral TikTok has sparked conversation on social media. The TikTok in question has amassed over 13 million views at the time this article was written.

The report goes on to say that the $1,360 dress designed by Albina Dyla was actually picked out by the bride herself, not Yildiz. The woman reportedly told media outlets that the bride reached out to her to express concerns ahead of the December ceremony.


"She called me and told me about her insecurities with my dress - that it was too attention grabbing", Yildiz reportedly told the outlet. The woman and the bride reportedly got into an argument over the matter and Yildiz was eventually uninvited from the wedding altogether.

Yildiz' video went up in mid-December and her story has since been covered by many news outlets, as she points out in this follow-up TikTok.

In the follow-up, Yildiz thanked everyone who covered her story and had her back.

You can check out the original viral TikTok via Yildiz' page below.

Now, many on social media have reacted to the story since it was reported. See some of those reactions via Twitter below.

Many on Twitter are pointing out how if this was the line drawn by the bride, then she must not have been the best friend in the first place. Others wondered why the bride would select this dress in particular if she had an issue with Yildiz wearing it.

"Bridezillas" have been on a heater this year. Remember when that one bride hired her friend as the wedding photographer but then refused to even allow her a 20-minute break in the busy day? Yep, that happened.

Mariah Krafft
Mariah Krafft

While I will never personally have the privilege of being a bride, I can understand how someone getting married wants their day to be absolutely perfect. Going so far as sacrificing a friendship does not seem like a great idea, but we are being shown time and time again that brides will do whatever it takes to ensure their day is the way they want it.

See the full report from @Complex on Twitter below.

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