Brandon Scott Lavergne, the man who was convicted of the death of Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate and sentenced to life in prison, has started a hunger strike.  That after a filing with the court indicating that he is complaining about his living conditions.

In the court filing, Lavergne claims that he has requested to be out of solitary confinement, saying that he has the right to refuse protection.  In addition, Lavergne claims that he is not being treated for medical conditions that he claims are life threatening.  He also says that he has not been afforded the right to attend church or go to the law library.

Among some of his comments are that he feels he has been put in solitary confinement for political reasons and that he was told he was there because he

wasn't showing enough remorse for Mickey Shunick and needed to sit in a cell for a while to think about it

Because of all of this, in a court filing provided to us by our newspartners at KATC TV-3, Lavergne states that he has started a hunger strike as of Sunday.

See the full document that was hand written by Lavergne here.

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