Authorities in Bossier City are reportedly searching for a suspect who allegedly stole a person's coat containing $45,000 at the Margaritaville Casino. The August incident has left many, including folks on social media, with more questions than answers.

"Who puts $45,000 in a pocket of a coat and leaves it unattended?"

"What was he going to the room for?"

"Why did someone have a coat in August?"

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All of these valid questions are being posed by social media users who are looking to make sense out of the search for a man who allegedly made off with a significant chunk of change.

The incident reportedly occurred at the Margartaville Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana. Authorities there say that the suspect met up with the victim at the front desk of the casino, where they both went to the victim's room. From there, the suspect was spotted on surveillance camera leaving the victim's room whilst wearing the coat in question.

The report says that police noted the coat had $45,000 in the pocket.

324tigers via YouTube
324tigers via YouTube

As Bossier City Police look to identify the suspect, many on social media are dumbfounded by the details of the seemingly not-so elaborate heisting of a casino-coat.

See reactions from the KSLA News 12 Facebook comments here.


There are many valid questions here, many of which I'm assuming authorities are also curious about. Some pointed out that finding a little extra money in your pocket every now and then can be quite a treat.


See the full report from KSLA News 12 on Facebook below.

I think I am going to have to agree with the commenters on this one. This story does not make much sense, especially because it seems as though the suspect and victim knew each other to a certain extent. They at least knew each other well enough to be in the same room together.

As of now, there is a man being sought by the Bossier City Police. That man may or may not have gambled away the $45,000 pocket-change by now. We will have to circle back if anything else comes of this story, which falls just shy of an Oceans 11 plot line.

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