Just days before the event was set to begin, Bonnaroo Music Festival has canceled their event in Tennessee due to current conditions of the festival campgrounds. While many understand that the weather is out of the festival's hands, others are showing their frustration on social media after spending time and money getting to the event.

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See the news announced by @Bonnaroo via the below Twitter thread.

According to the festival's statement, due to recent rain they are unable to safely get vehicles on the campground. With Bonnaroo primarily being a camping festival, this pretty much means there is no way to facilitate music lovers on "the farm".

Now, I have personally attended a camping festival up in Delaware. That will probably be my last camping festival ever, since a mixture of torrential downpour and scorching heat turned the weekend into an exhausting and quite uncomfortable vacation. To be clear, I am not one that usually "roughs it", but a campsite that isn't up-to-par is definitely not an ideal festival experience.

Many of those planning on attending the festival are reacting on social media. Some are irate with the festival's decision while others understand some things are out of anyone's control. Check out more below.

There are plenty of folks upset that Bonnaroo pulled the plug as late as it did, while others have the attitude of, "stuff happens".

I believe if the festival organizers of Bonnaroo had any option to execute their event, they would have. Of course, the festival business has been abysmal since the beginning of the pandemic so canceling this massive event just days before gates were supposed to open had to be an extremely tough decision.

As a festival goer, I feel for those who may have spent all of their money, time, and resources to get to Tennessee for the festival and are now left disappointed. I have been let-down by festivals before and it is not a good feeling.

Best of luck to Bonnaroo and those who held festival tickets as they deal with this difficult news.

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