From awkward kisses to getting stuck in a sofa, the best news bloopers in the month of August have us LOLing. Seriously, we challenge you to watch these bloopers in the video above and not laugh out loud -- and if you can, you're already better than most news anchors across the country!

It's not all about news anchors who can't control their laughter, though. Sometimes these bloopers involve mascots for a major donut chain and kids who try to steal the spotlight in the background of a news report. There's even one kid who completely hijacks a report, proving he has a long future in the television news business.

There are some shocking bloopers from August, too, including one person who couldn't help herself and actually called Donald Trump a, well, bad name live on the air. (Though, maybe it's more shocking that doesn't happen more often!)

Whatever tickles your funny bone, we get the feeling you'll find it in the best news bloopers from August 2016 -- enjoy!


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