I'm not talking about the Saints, or Santa Clause, or even a Higher Power (read GOD);  I am talking about aliens.  UFOs.  Space creatures.  Intelligent life from another universe.  ALF.  Rosanne.

I don't think that they come here to hurt us.  I think that, much like we journeyed to the moon, they are here for scientific research.  If they happen to scoop up a person or a cow or two for 'research', I don't think it's any reason to sic the Sea Sheperd on them.

Why do I believe?  For a couple of reasons:

  1. It's a little conceited of 'us' to believe that we are the only beings that exist.  Of the billions of miles of galaxies, the millions of stars that have planets revolving around them, it is EXTREMELY conceited of us to believe that it is impossible.
  2. I've seen things.  Don't call me crazy (or call me crazy, I don't care), I wasn't alone for some of the 'sightings', there is corroboration.  Two sightings while I was in the US Army, stationed in Europe.  Two other soldiers and a German national, and we all saw the same thing.  The most recent sighting was in Youngsville, LA, just over a year ago.  An object that was stationary, and then shot across the sky at an alarming rate of speed, with a slight 'flame' trail, and then sat stationary for a moment, and then raced further across the sky until it was out of view.  I stopped on the side of the Youngsville Highway and shot this video.
  3. I've read things. I know, you can't always believe what you read, BUT, in several instances, the witnesses described the EXACT same thing, at the same time, in the same place.  Some of these witnesses spoke different languages, so there is little chance that they concocted the 'story' beforehand.  Too many similarities in their accounts to be random;  I believe that these people saw what they claim they saw.  Yahoo! News recently ran this article about an FBI file that was re-published on it's website.   Though released to the public years ago, the re-publishing re-created a stir within the UFO 'believer's' community.
  4. Roswell, New Mexico's Area 51.  'Nuff said.

As for having been abducted myself?   It hasn't happened.  Yet.  But I do keep a pack of Reese's Pieces in the glove box of my Jeep for good measure!