Get an in-depth look Alvin Kamara's touchdown during the Saints' win against the Falcons by listening to this interview and video breakdown from Coach Sean Payton. This is a perfect example of Coach Payton taking his players' advice and successfully implementing it into the game.

Check out the breakdown and interview with Coach Sean Payton posted to Twitter by @sayneykid below

Football is more like chess than checkers. Here is the perfect example of the New Orleans Saints capitalizing off of a play that occurred way earlier in the game.

Coaches are always looking for an inside edge and who better to ask than the man that has been one of the most productive Saints EVER, Alvin Kamara. When Payton asked Kamara what he liked in the first half, it is not a big surprise that Kamara saw a new opportunity for him to gain significant yardage on a carry.

This video is a testament to the relationship Coach Payton has with his team right now. There is such great chemistry throughout this entire Saints locker room and the results prove that to be true.

To have this first hand example of Coach Payton trusting his guy's advice and it resulting positively makes me really excited for what is coming in the next two months for the New Orleans Saints.

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