Another alligator was spotted on the loose.

Our friend and local videographer extraordinaire John Weatherall captured a video of an alligator roaming through part of PA Davis Park in Lafayette.

The gator was seen slithering through what appears to be a drainage canal, but as you will see below, the alligator is having trouble moving.

It's having trouble moving through the park because it is missing a front extremity.

We are told that Wildlife and Fisheries were called and notified of the gator in the park, but no one showed up while this footage was taken.

We remind you, that if you see an alligator in public, please do not approach it and call your local authorities to notify them of the gator.

In recent weeks, a number of videos have surfaced that show alligators on public ground and even on school campuses like in Slidell, La.

Here's the video and commentary [NSFW] from the park in Lafayette.


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