Driving in Acadiana can be tricky, and in some cases, a dangerous venture. We asked you to tell us where the worst, most dangerous intersections are around Acadiana, and you certainly did not hold back!

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We sifted through hundreds of your comments on Facebook and as expected, there were some intersections that repeatedly kept showing up.

The Most Dangerous Intersections In Acadiana

As noted by Tim Corak on Facebook, when it comes to dangerous intersections around Acadiana, his answer was "None of them it’s human error that’s dangerous".

Mr. Corak, you are absolutely correct. Obviously, the intersection on its own can't harm anyone, or can it?

There are certainly a few intersections around Acadiana where due to the particular situation or layout, it almost seems like the actual intersection is out to get us.

Below you'll find the "Most Dangerous Intersections in Acadiana" as submitted by you.

Please be safe out there, and as my mom used to tell me "Watch out for the other fella".



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