I usually stay as far away from social commentary as I can, but watching the news this week has me very shaken.

Globally, it's a mess. The religious and cultural rift continues to grow, and it seems like everyone in the world is ramping up and preparing for something instead of trying to disarm the growing problem. Meanwhile, North Korea is dabbling in the realm of mass destruction. When weapons like H-bombs and atom bombs are in the hands of a crazy man, there is reason to wake up a little afraid.

I wish I could say American news makes me feel better, but it doesn't. We continue killing each other, killing ourselves by developing and promoting unhealthy physical and mental behavior, and killing our country by promoting dialogues of distrust and division. We're making a mockery of our own political process, which means we have nobody to blame for our domestic problems but ourselves.

What really bothers me about everything is I know the solutions to all these problems are complex, yet I feel like the explanation for them is simple: we don't listen to each other. Instead of reaching for understanding, I feel our world is quicker to dig in and hunker down for defense. What bothers me even more is how helpless all of it makes you feel.

I still think life on Earth is beautiful, but I worry more and more about it every day. It's getting harder for me to believe in the pure heart of humanity.

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