Tinder is old news, there are at least 5 apps that are so much better.  Now you have no excuse to be alone son Saturday night.

1.  Bumble.  This app is a favorite among women of all ages.  Women can avoid messages from guys they aren't interested in.  Women are even using Bumble to find other female friends.

2.  MeetMeOutside.  It almost sounds a bit like an Adele record, but it's actually an app people are using to reach out to others who like the outdoors and who like to exercise.  If you like yoga, hiking or biking this is the app for you.

3.  Bark'NBorrow.  This one is simple, it connects dog lovers.

4.  MissTravel.  If you like to travel but hate traveling alone, you need this app.

5.  WhoNow.  This is the app to organize your other apps.  It keeps track of all your matches from Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid.

[Via:  SheKnows]

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