The Humane Society Of Louisiana is working with a stable to help find homes for 19 horses that will be in several Mardi Gras parades this year.

The stable seems to be out of New Orleans, and the horses will appear in New Orleans parades.

Last year, the Humane Society started a program that made sure that horses that were brought into the city and were leased out to krewes would not be sold at sale, auction barns or worse, for slaughter.

“With the help of our volunteer adoption team, we were able to find great homes for all of the 17 horses that appeared in last year's parades,” HSL director Jeff Dorson said.

That being said, if you are interested in adopting a horse that will be in the parades, applications can be made online. You can also see pictures of the horses via the group's Facebook page. The adoption fees range from $650 to $1,500.

Applications should be filled out and sent to References are important, as you'll need a vet reference, a farrier reference and a barn reference or a personal reference.

Heightened concerns for horses in this years parades came about after a rider in the Oshun parade was caught on video abusing a horse he was supposed to be riding. The man, who has since been identified and arrested, could be seen punching, kicking, and yanking on the reigns of the horse.

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