If your significant other kisses someone else on the lips, is it cheating?

What actually constitutes cheating differs depending on who you ask.  Recently, in a poll of 1,000 adults, the majority (60%) said that if their partner developed a deep emotional connection with someone else, it would count as cheating, while only 18% said it wouldn’t.  But look what happened when the participants were asked if they themselves would be considered a cheater if they developed feelings for someone else, 30% said no!

Seventy percent of women said it would be cheating if their partner had a deep connection with someone else, while 56% felt it would be cheating if they did it themselves. With males those numbers were a bit different, 50% and 44% respectively.

The survey also asked people whether they would think it was cheating if their partner committed a number of other romantic acts, like…

Kissing someone else on the lips:

Women 56%

Men 40%


Women 85%

Men 74%

Reconnecting with an ex on Facebook:

Women 26%

Men 21%

[Via:  Huffington Post]