Your life may be like a bad buffet.  Let's say you've gone into a restaurant and had the buffet only to find out that is was really bad.  Does this mean you should avoid every buffet, at every restaurant...for the rest of your life?  Well of course not. This was one time, one day, one restaurant.

So why do we react to everyday situations as though they are all the same.  For example...your boyfriend of 3 years ago used to come in late from work several times a month.  You later found out he was cheating.  Fast - forward the tape.  Your current boyfriend came in late from work last night, and guess what's going through your mind?

We have to push reset.  Let things go so that the next time the same thing happens, we can judge the situation on that day, at that time, and with that person or persons.  It's a whole new ballgame.

So tonight before you go to bed, push reset, forget the past, and let tomorrow grow into a big bright new day!