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Are you meticulous about keeping your kitchen clean? Do you use disinfectant wipes on the counter, refrigerator handle, & mop every day? I have bad news. Your kitchen isn't nearly as clean (or should I say sanitary?) as you think. Do you use kitchen sponges? They're a breeding ground for bacteria. Does your coffee maker have a basket filter?  Other contaminated items in your kitchen include the Vegetable & Meat Compartments in the fridge, the rubber seal under the blade of the blender, the can opener, and the rubber spatula.

I don't have an electric can opener. My manual can opener goes into the dishwasher after every use. I use paper coffee filters. No rubber spatula, or food storage containers with rubber seals. I use lots of bleach.  That being said, I'm a guy, and not the greatest housekeeper in the world. There are usually numerous things out of place.

I have a co worker who's never visited me in 19 years. He's afraid.
I'll bet my kitchen is more sanitary than his. On the other hand, maybe not...