According to their Facebook page, the organization is looking for people to volunteer their time and talents to help find UL student Danielle Wright and the rest of the crew of the Nina.

Bands, volunteers and donors are needed for different fundraisers, so if you are willing to help, send them a message on Facebook.

There is also a way that the 'average' person can help find the crew:  look through satellite photographs for any signs of the Nina.  The boat itself, debris... the more eyes looking at these photographs (available on the computer), the better.

We received this email from volunteer extraordinaire Bonnie Hession, which explains how YOU can help:

Thank you for your call and interest in the use of Tomnad for the rescue of the Nina and her crew of 7 who have been lost at sea for the past 76 days (since June 4, 2013).

 What is Tomnod? (taken from their own Facebook page):

The world's digital information has exploded in size and complexity, far outstripping the pace of our best automated analysis techniques. At the same time, human leisure and labor time has largely migrated to the online "virtual" world. 

Tomnod harnesses the senses and minds of humans online - the "crowd" - and engages them to solve global challenges. From searching for the tomb of Genghis Khan to mapping damage caused by natural disasters, Tomnod and the crowd are changing the way we look at the world.

What is Crowdsourcing?
The aggregation of large numbers of incremental contributions from a crowd to achieve a greater goal.

Tomnod's mission is to leverage the power of online communities to solve the world's greatest problems.

 Tomnod's current campaign to save the Nina has individual viewers from around the world viewing thousands of satellite images either marking objects by ship, raft, or other....Once an object is marked with high frequency, it gets the attention of the ones tasked with analyzing the data which later leads to a possible search by plane, pilot and observers to the location based on drift models.

We have several active Tomnod viewers based in Lafayette who are sifting through virtual satellite images looking for anything that could lead the rescue team to the Nina and her crew.  Rep. Nancy Landry is one and the other is Denice Comeaux Skinner.  I recommend that you reach either one of them to get an account of their own experience.  It's fascinating all the while giving an individual the opportunity to make a significant contribution to rescue 7 incredible human beings lost in the Tasman Sea, one of which is 19 year old UL-L student, Danielle Wright.  The conversations between users are being documented on the Facebook page, "Bringing Home the Nina and Her Crew."

 Note: it is best to sign on to Tomnod as a GUEST.  Below gives an overview of how Tomnod works and the second link is the actual Nina Rescue Challenge.

Please LIKE our Facebook page, "Bringing Home the Nina and Her Crew" to learn more on Tomnod in real life and other updates.

 Thank you,

Bonnie Hession

Volunteer, Bringing Home the Nina and Her Crew


Please, take a few minutes and help!!

(Via Facebook)