We're having a little fun with Breast Cancer Awareness Month by giving away free mammograms and taking winners off in the Mammosine and treating them to lunch, but we understand that it can be stressful, too. Here are some tips from the American Society of Radiologic Technolgists for your first mammogram






1. Schedule your mammogram for the week following your period, when your breasts will be less tender.

2. Wear a two pice outfit so you only have to remove what you're wearing on top.

3. Don't use any deodorant, powder or lotion before you go because they can interfere with the reading.

4. Bring your physician info.

Tip from me: Don't worry about it. Just schedule it and get it done.

Here's what will happen when they take you in:

The technologist will help you place your breast on the platform- it's like a shelf. Yes, they will touch you. They can lower or raise the platform so you're comfortable standing.

Then comes the squishing part. Another plate comes down from the top and they take the picture. I've never felt anything more than discomfort, but some women are more sensitive to the compression. The thing to remember is that it's literally only for a couple of seconds. Also remember that the compression is what allows the radiologist to see as much as possible, so let them squish away!

They'll usually do just a couple of views of each breast, which means four 'squishes' and you're done!

Tips from me: If you get called back for another look-see, don't worry about it, just do it. Then go treat yourself to a nice lunch or a new bottle of pink nail polish!

Now enjoy this funny video: