If you've ever found yourself involved in a hurt breakup, your boyfriend or husband's reason for leaving you was probably influenced by his friends.

Monkey see, monkey do may be more than just a cliche.  According to a survey, one out of four men says their decision to get divorced or break up was influenced by their friends who had done the same.

You may have thought women gossiped about relationships more then men, and that girlfriends can persuade the other much better than dudes, but that's just not the case.  Only one in seven women are affected by what their girlfriends say to them about a significant other.

Overall, one in ten people admitted to being envious of the freedom enjoyed by their newly-single friends.  But keep this in mind, happily married couples live longer than singles.  I guess the lesson here is, don't listen to your friends, if you find yourself having relationship problems, talk to each other!

[Via:  Metro]