I rode past the site of the new Youngsville Sports Complex, and I can see progress!

Thanks to the experts at Capitol Cyclery, I have been riding my bike more these days, and today it took me on an 11.4 mile journey, all around the Youngsville area.

Baby steps: I'm up to 11 miles!

Part of that ride included Chemin Metairie, which passes right next to the new sports complex construction site.

The plans for the park show the facilities planned..

It was a cane field for years (and maybe a soybean field from time-to-time), but now it will be a "Field of Dreams" for many youngsters from around Acadiana and around the state!

Construction site for Youngsville Sports Complex

According to the design displayed at the construction site, the complex will house 9 baseball fields and 6 soccer fields, playground, jogging trail, exercise station, several pavilions/stages, a fishing area and the the required support facilities (concessions, bleachers, restrooms, etc.).

New drainage components for the improvements to Savoy Road...

I think that this new complex will be great for the Town of Youngsville, and for the young men and women who get to learn sportsmanship, how to be a team players, and how to be a good winner/loser!!

Lights for the ball parks!