Youngsville is a wonderful town to live in, and the collective patriotism is strong.


Many people in town fly their American Flags year-round, and Youngsville even built a memorial to its veterans into one of the traffic circles.


Veteran's Roundabout in Youngsville at the intersection of Chemin Metairie and Iberia Street. (Staff Photo)


At the "Town Clock" roundabout, American Flags have been placed for Memorial Day Weekend.

Flags set up for the weekend in the roundabout in Youngsville at the intersection of Young Street, Iberia Street and Lafayette Street. (Staff Photo)


Near the roundabout on Chemin Metaire is a grassy area on which a few monuments have been erected, right in front of Rouse's Supermarket, in memory of fallen veterans.


A monument in memory of Privates Ruben Broussard and Nelson Menard. (Staff Photo)


Monument erected in memory of Air Force Captain Steven L. Bennett (Staff Photo)


Monument erected in memory of Marine Corporal Ronald Romero, Army Specialists Curley Simon and Steven Dupont. (Staff Photo)


Thank you to the Town of Youngsville and those who are responsible for making certain that our veterans are honored.