A study shows young men of today are lazier and less adventurous than their fathers.  Did we really need a study?

Modern men can't hold a candle to their fathers when it comes to labor intensive work, manners and thrill-seeking.  In the 70s, men were almost 50% more likely than women to engage in adrenaline-fueled activities like skydiving and mountain climbing. Today, that number has declined to 28%.

Gee, I wonder if technology has anything to do with it?  Hard to jump out of a plane or build a skyscraper if your checking Facebook.  Experts say it's because young guys today are more sedentary and less physically fit than their predecessors.

Modern men are also more boring and unhealthy than their fathers.  Noooo REALLY!

Now did we really need a study?

[Via:  Mail Online]