Several months back, during a live broadcast, Debbie Ray and I met a beautiful young girl,then 12 years old (she turned 13 in May) who just blew us away with her personality and singing voice. In this video, Madison Lanclos sings Adele's hit 'Rolling In The Deep".

I've been in radio a long time.  You name an artist and I've either seen them live, met them or both and most don't have the talent of this young girl.  Debbie Ray and I were broadcasting from McDonald's when she and her Mother walked in to have lunch (and to see how we really looked in person).  I remember eating fries or maybe it was chicken nuggets with Madison.  She was adorable.  We just started talking and before I knew it, she was singing acapella in McDonald's, on the fly with no microphone, no sound system, no autotune and had never done anything like that in public ever.  I could almost see her heart beating through her shirt, but even through the nervousness she was nothing shy of amazing!

I wanted her to be a star immediately.  But unfortunately, it's not that easy.  I hope you share Madison's video with everyone you know.  In person and on the computer.  Please share via the internet, Facebook, Twitter, any way you can.  Even though this video doesn't even capture one-tenth of her talent, I think you'll get the picture!