I came across this video last night, and was holding my breath the whole time the kid was riding the escalator to the next floor.

Here's what happened:  A young boy (10 or 11 years old) grabbed on to the handrail on an escalator and rode it to the next floor, but he was on the outside of the escalator, not on the steps.  As he was moving towards the railing to crawl over, he lost his footing and fell.  Like a champ (and a REAL hero), a bystander notices the child and comes to the rescue!


While we are on the subject of 'close calls', this next video is going to rip apart any pet owner's heart: a man, with a dog on a leash, steps into an elevator, without the dog. Don't worry, the dog will be fine, but I am not certain that the owner will ever let that dog out of his sight ever again. Ever!!


(Via Youtube)