The National WWII Museum in New Orleans is unaffected by the government shutdown. It's an independent non-profit operation.

The museum's chief executive Gordon H. Mueller has invited veterans who've been unable to hold events at government run facilities to come to New OrleansWorld War II veterans from Iowa and Mississippi haven't  been given access to the World War II Memorial in Washington.

Mueller told the Associated Press, "I hope that our nation's leaders will be able to find common ground and resolution quickly, and that all sites commemorating our nation's history and aspirations can resume normal operations."

New Orleans officials are concerned about the impact of the shutdown on their local economy. Some tourists have been denied access to historical sites.

There are also concerns about commerce, and agriculture. Commissioner Mike Strain expressed concern that furloughs of federal employees will interfere with exports. Strain had these comments, "Right now, there are no health certificates being issued for exporting livestock, domestic animals and embryos. Louisiana is one of the biggest exporters of products that require international health certificates."