This video was taken on July 8 in Collins, Mississippi, when a motorist noticed an SUV driving the wrong way on Highway 49 at a (seemingly) high rate of speed.  The motorist started filming the offending SUV while he was driving his vehicle at a (seemingly) high rate of speed to try to keep up with the offending SUV.  There are several near-misses in this video, and one bulls-eye.

What's wrong with this video?  It seems that the driver was the one doing the video-ing (probably not the safest maneuver in the book).

What's right about this video?  A few things; 1) they called 911 to report the incident as it was happening; 2) they encouraged the child in the back seat to turn away from the scene; and 3) they stopped to help the (possibly) injured.

According to Yahoo! News, the driver of the Wrong-Way SUV received a broken shoulder and a few citations, with more citations/arrest possible after results of a toxicology test are returned.  The occupants of the right-way SUV walked away from the incident.  Whew!