One of my passions is helping our troops.  I only served 5 years in the military, and never had to go to war, so I don't know all of the hardships that our troops endure;  I do know how tough it is to be away from the family for holidays and special occasions.   I can't imagine how magnified it is when there are people shooting at you daily.

If you have never served your country in the armed forces, you may never know what its like to be that removed from your family.  While you are here, enjoying the company of your loved ones, 'they' are over 'there', fighting for your freedom and security.  People whom you will never meet, putting their lives on the line, for you and me.

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a non-profit organization that provides tangible support to injured soldiers, both mentally and physically, on their road to recovery.

WWP's funds come from people like you and me.  People who want to help those who sacrificed so much to keep us safe.  Different projects/funraisers are held in small communities and large cities all over the country, all aimed at raising funds for WWP.

A few colleagues of mine, Jonathon Derise and Chris Hebert, formed a team to participate in the Iron Man New Orleans, a 70.3 mile trek.  Their goal is to to raise $1000 for WWP.   You can click here to help them reach their goal. $1 or $5, $100 or $1000, ANY amount will help.

If you want more information about the Wounded Warrior Project, there is a plethora of information on their website.