How many times have you thought, it sure would be nice to be rich?  Maybe you already are!

While attending a radio conference in New Orleans many years ago, one of the guys from a very popular morning team in Chicago, was to give a speech about radio shows so I decided to attend.

I was captivated by his opening.  The first thing he did was hand out a one million dollar fake bill to everyone in attendance.  And he asked, "How many of you want to make a million dollars a year doing radio?"  Well all of us raised our hands because no one in the audience made anything close to that number.

So he says, "Maybe you already are."  And of course that made me scratch my head.  He went on to explain how a million dollar a year job didn't have to mean a million in actual dollars.  Do you love your community?  Does the community love you?  Are your children in a safe environment?  Are you happy?  Do you have a loving family and friends in you life?  He reminded us, "All of those things have a value, you may already be a millionaire!"

There is a report recently out that claims most millionaires don't consider themselves rich unless they have five million dollars or more.  I've had a little money and I've been so broke to where I couldn't see the light of day and I'll be the first to tell you, I was probably most happy when I was broke.  You know why, it forced me to focus on the things that mattered.  My life became more 'basic' which caused me to give more from my heart, than from my wallet.

So many times I've heard my kids say they wish we had what others have, and even though statements like that hurt a bit, I know what they mean.  What we don't see is the pain and suffering the wealthy have to endure, just like the rest of us.  The pressures of wealth aren't easy.  And sometimes the smiles you see on the outside are just covering the sadness within.

I've learned in my older years, balance is everything.  I don't need a lot, just enough.  I try to give my heart first and materialistic things secondly.  I hear about people winning the lottery and, sure, I wish it were me.  But will my world end if I don't have five million in the bank, no, because with my children and great friends, I'll never go broke!