Do we get a little carried away with popular culture? When you were a kid did you have a Batman lunch box? Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett maybe?  I wonder if we ever outgrow it.
I was recently visiting some "Redneck" (It's OK. They call themselves that.) friends.  They have a 60" flat screen in the dining room, love Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Tony Stewart. Jeff Gordon, not so much.
The husband informed me that he'd been on a self - imposed ban from social media. He was feeling a little overloaded, OD'ed, burned out or whatever you want to call it. A rerun of "The Big Bang Theory" came on, prompting me to tell them about a story I'd written on about Raj falling in love with Siri, the voice recognition feature on the iphone. On a recent trip out of town, my friends bought me a "Sheldon" Bobblehead. It's in my office at KTDY.   After a few mintues, the husband disappeared & returned with a pair of "Bazinga" sleeping pants!
I wonder if that would fuel a romantic evening...