I was stumbling through the intrawebz the other day when I happened upon this photograph:



I did a little research, and it seems as though people are starting to have their wedding rings installed, instead of simply slipped on their fingers.  Here's one that is called a "promise stud":




Have you seen this before?  Would you do something like this?  I am all about self-expression and 'stepping out of the box', and I think that these ideas are great (I mean, if you are into that type of thing...  not that there's anything wrong with that....).  How do you feel about this "trend"?  (Can you imagine this:  The priest busts out with "Do you have the rings?" and your inkmaster steps up to the alter to do the installation!!?!?  HA!!  Sounds like a scene from the next "Hangover" movie, if you ask me!!)

(Via Reddit and Myspace)