Some people think that women have an 'extra' sense about them called women's intuition, and some people, well, not so much.

This Yahoo! Answers user is curious enough about women's intuition to ask about it online.

A quick survey of the women in this building reveals that 100% of women believe in women's intuition (margin of error +/- 100%).  ALL 6 of the women in here believe in it (and, they each said "I KNEW you were going to ask me that!").  The men revealed that, while most believed in 'women's intuition', there was one that only believed in 'mother's intuition'.  Interesting, no?  7 of the 8 men here believe in women's intuition (margin of error, =/- 100% - my polls are not scientific enough to stand up in court!).

I've even found a Facebook page dedicated to the subject.

Do you think that women have an extra sense?