I believe if you asked any man, "Do you thing women talk too much or at least more than men?", most men would answer YES!  Men may now have proof.

A new study reveals the average woman chats away more than a third of her daily waking hours.  Shopping is the number-one item on the list of topics.  And about 24 of those daily minutes are spent obsessing over weight, diets and clothing sizes, which came in second. Other topics women talk about include vacations, children (both their own and other people’s), food and recipes, TV shows, social drama and who’s dating who, relationships, health and cosmetic surgery.  It is said that women spend close to 20 minutes gossiping in the morning before getting to work.  Wow!  Thirty six percent of women admit that they can’t keep a secret.

I think this has been going on for years and is not in any danger of becoming extinct.

[Via:  Mail Online]