This woman was trying to keep a cat away from her dog, so she started kicking snow onto the cat, and the cat, in turn, attacks the woman.  Idiot.

First of all, if it's not your cat, leave it alone, it will go away.  I have four dogs, and three of them know to leave cats alone; one of them, though (the beagle mix), will take all nine lives in one quick "snap".  Which tells me, in no scientific terms, that 3/4 of my dogs know not to mess with cats.

This woman might just be trying to protect her dog, but she goes about it the wrong way.  Spraying water, opening her housecoat to make her appear larger, or even better, taking herself and her dog indoors would have been more effective, probably.

Anyway, just remember that it is dangerous to approach ANY "wild" animal, or any animal with which you are not familiar.

Here is the video I am calling "Innocent Cat Takes Revenge On Bully", even though I don't know the whole story.... that cat might have been trying to break into that lady's car to steal her Michael Bolton CDs....



In all seriousness, don't mess with stray/feral/wild animals.

(Via Youtube)