After visiting my dad in the hospital last night, I was on my way home when I witnessed a traffic crash.  I called 911 and waited for the police - what would you have done?

The reason I ask is this:  so many people tell me "don't get involved!".  And I tell them "what if it were you, and you were by yourself in your vehicle, and there was more than one person in the other vehicle, and their story is different from yours.  Would you want a witness to tell the TRUTH?".  That usually shuts them up...

Last night, after visiting my dad at the hospital and a delicious burger from Burgersmith, I was headed East on Camellia Boulevard when I got to Verot.  I wanted to turn right towards Ambassador, but there was traffic approaching, so I slowed to a stop at the yield sign.  As I was turning my head to check traffic again, I heard the crash and saw the cars spinning, and one was headed my way!! I only had to inch up to prevent it from hitting me, but it sure did get my nerves going!!

Camellia at Verot School Road....

I pulled off of the road as I dialed 911, checked the condition of the occupants of both vehicles (no one requested an ambulance), gave the 911 dispatcher the details, and then waited for the police.

While waiting, I was chatting with the drivers, and it seems to me that the guy who turned into the path of the other car thought that the other car had a red light.  As we talked, I noticed some of the damage on the car that almost hit me:

A piece of the Mercedes sticking out of the tire/rim of the Honda!! (This is how police sometimes catch hit-and-run suspects!)

That is a piece of the front end of the Mercedes that got stuck INSIDE the tire of the Honda....  amazing.

The police officer showed up after only a few minutes, and he was very professional and courteous, asking if I was willing to fill out a police report, then handing one to me.

I did my duty (I was taught that it was my duty by my parents), and within 10 minutes I was on my way.

I realize that I may have to appear in court to give testimony if this case has to go to trial, which could be a hassle, but you know what?  If it helps make certain that the right thing is done, I'm okay with a little hassle.  I just hope that someone would do the same for me.  Besides, as citizens, it's our duty.