I helped my friend Paul move the other day, and as he was going through his stuff, there were a few things in the "I don't need this any longer" pile.  One of those things was a HP 8500 Wireless Printer.

Very aware that "most friends who help friends move aren't just friends, they are good friends, because friends don't like helping friends move,"  he offered up everything in that pile to me!  "John," he says, "if you want anything from this pile of things that I don't need any longer, help yourself!"

Two silicone cake pans, a bird house, three packs of fireworks, an outdoor griddle for the campfire, a Heineken mug and a wireless printer.  What a deal!!

So, over the weekend, as Shannon was continuing her job search, we needed to print something.  She was about to get in her car and head to the big "you pay us and we'll print stuff for you" store when I said "WAIT!!  Give me 5 minutes!"

You see, I am a collector of things.  Some people may say that the things I have are part of my "Hoarder Starter Kit."  But this time, it paid off!

I ran out to the Jeep, got the printer (I haven't showed her the other treasures yet... you know, 'baby steps'), brought it inside and hooked it up.  Magically, wirelessly from her laptop,  BAM!!  Within 5 minutes, she had printed out her Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon (SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE JOB HUNTING!!  I THOUGHT SHE WANTED TO PRINT HER RESUME!!!)

Anyway, as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Now I need to figure out how to bring out the Heineken mug without her rolling her eyes... any ideas?