Edwin Edwards is a convicted felon, and not eligible to run for public office. However, another E.W.E. is on the way.
Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, and his wife, Trina are expecting a baby boy. The pregnancy was first reported in February. Trina Scott Edwards posted on her Facebook page over the weekend that they're expecting a son.
The couple has chosen the name Eli Wallace Edwards. The former governor's full name is Edwin Washington Edwards. He and Eli will share the initials E.W.E.
Little Eli will be Trina's third child and Edwin's fifth. He'll be the couple's first child together.


The former governor is 85 years old, and has daughters in their 60's. Trina is 34.
The couple is working on a new reality TV series, "The Governor's Wife," which will air on  A&E this summer. I wonder if the younger "E.W.E." will pursue a career in politics when he grows up.