Louisiana Jeepers hosted the Inaugural "Wild Side" Jeep Ride today to benefit the Brain Injury Association of Louisiana.

125 vehicles had pre-registered for the event, and several people registered this morning, which made the attendance for a first-time event incredible!  Jeepers from all over Acadiana, Baton Rouge, even as far away as Hammond came together to help raise money for the Brain Injury Association of Louisiana.

Jeeps ready to hit the road at Courtesy Jeep in Breaux Bridge

The Jeeps lined up, waiting to take off from Courtesy Jeep in Breaux Bridge!  The police escort led us to Henderson, down the levee to Catahoula, and then back into Breaux Bridge (via Section 28 road, which is where the 99.9 KTDY transmitter and tower are located!).

The tower for 99.9 KTDY

Members of several local Jeep clubs attendance, and the 'other' part of the fundraiser was a rib and chicken wing cook-off (my favorite was the Cajun Smeauxk ribs!).

Jeff's Music and Entertainment provided the DJ services for the event, and then Jaryd Lane took the stage with his guys.  AWESOME!!

JayCee and Jaryd Lane

It was an incredible day to ride in the Jeep, and when that can be combined with raising money for a good cause?  WIN-WIN SITUATION!!!

I was even lucky enough to win a new bicycle helmet (that was painted to look like a brain....)

The "L" doesn't stand for "Loser", I won this helmet!!

Here is the album containing all of the pictures... you can find more on the Courtesy Jeep Facebook page!