Is it still the man’s role to be the chief breadwinner? The roles of male and female have been in a state of transition since the "Women's Lib'' movement of the 1970s. There were few women in the American work force before world War II. It became necessary for women to work in factories and other jobs outside the home to help support the war effort. The post war economic boom gave rise to the double income household. Some families even had two cars!

Men are rarely the only household breadwinner in America today, and not necessarily the primary. Women now out-earn their husbands in 25% of American households. Women, whether married or not, are now the primary breadwinners in 40% of American households.  Women are now earning more than ever. This suggests that women are finally gaining parity with men in the working world. There is a down side. Research indicates men who make less than their wives are more likely to experience insomnia, sexual dysfunction and anxiety. Would you marry a man who earns less than you do? Would it bother you if your wife made more money than you?