I recently wrote a story about the possibility of Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady calling it quits, citing his frustration about losing his last two Super Bowls to Eli Manning, losing this year's AFC Championship to Peyton Manning, and a perception that his teammates have become unresponsive to the "aging" quarterback's leadership.

I published the story as a joke, but Tom's got a lot of "haters" here in South Louisiana. Some folks took it kind of seriously. This ISN'T a joke. Brady told nfl.com he doesn't plan to watch Super Bowl XLVIII.

I don't have much of a rooting interest, truthfully. Those games are hard to watch. I don't really see myself sitting down to enjoy a football game to watch it. Our season's over. Truthfully, I could care less about watching the game. That's pretty much how I feel.   - Tom Brady

Whatcha think? Sour grapes?... or a guy who doesn't like to just sit and watch? I don't enjoy listening to the radio when I'm not on it. That's no reflection on any other DJ or station. Listening to the radio feels like I'm still at work.