In an expose in the New York Post, some wealthy families are hiring handicapped people when they visit Disney parks.

Disney parks are usually very happy places where families go to bond and rid themselves of everyday chores and where even adults can act like children,but there is sad news from the world of Disney.  The New York Post is reporting that some wealthy families are hiring handicapped people to pose as relatives and to accompany their children through Disney parks.  Why?  So they can enjoy line-skipping privileges!

Disney parks allow wheelchair-bound guests- along with up to six companions- to bypass long lines and use more convenient entrances.

Disney parks offer a legitimate fast pass that lets people avoid long lines for $310 to $380 per hour.  Families are now realizing, to hire a handicapped person is a much better deal at $130 per hour or $1,040 per day.

One might agree that this is a way to employ handicapped individuals, but what type of values is it teaching children?

[Via:  New York Post]