Have you ever asked yourself "why should I keep my old car?"  Well, according to an article by Kiplinger, even with repairs, it's probably cheaper to keep it than to buy a new one!

I was driving to work the other day when I came across this car in traffic:

1978 (or so) Chevy Chevette, driven by a very smart man!

Yes, that is a 1978 (or so) Chevy Chevette (an no, that is NOT CJ driving it).  A car that seems to still be serving (what looks like could be) its original owner very well.  (I really don't know the story on this car, maybe someone recognizes the driver?)

According to the article, even though your repair costs are starting to add up, you would be surprised at how much longer you should keep your 'old' car.  If you are a numbers person, worried only about costs, then it is a no-brainer; but, the article does state that

comfort, style, image, safety, convenience and reliability

are usually what motivates us to buy new cars.

So when you see something like this putt-putting along side of you,

Don't laugh: It's paid for!!


don't laugh:  the driver is probably saving much more money than you...


(Via Kiplinger)